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Love it

- 24/11/2015

When I began practising Kendo this was the first shinai I bought and I'm pretty much hooked on the oval grip. As another person mentioned, it really feels like a bokuto grip in your hands. For myself, it really helps me keep the right angle on my strikes, especially Do. I'd give it a five but I'm just not experienced enough yet to declare something perfect ;)


- 24/11/2014

Just received these shinais today. I'm used to using koban so nothing really out of the ordinary on the feeling. I did have a pleasant surprise of having tsuba and tsubadome included. The nodes are also matching (one other korean supplier had mismatched bamboo) so I could swap take between them, though not as much as a round shinai. Overall great price and Ivan replies to mails.

Solid Shinai

- 27/05/2014

Grip seems to add control and precision to my strikes. Feels much like a bokuto in the hand. Very well balanced for me... might be a little slower but more accurate. Good for us older guys!


- 30/01/2013

We are very proud of our Ryougi series as it is made for Kendoka with slightly bigger hand yet still want an extremely comfortable grip with good maneuverability.

Just great!

- 26/01/2013

When I received them at first, I was surprised at how big the grip was and how light they felt. Fortunately, I have pretty large hands and they ended up being perfect for me. Haven't seen any other large grip Koban style out anywhere else on the web. I've been using those for 2 years now and can't switch to anything else. Plus, they're just as durable as any higher priced Madake out there (sometimes more). They've become my personal classic!

Excellent koban

- 03/05/2011

unlike other Koban shinai i've used, this Koban shinai has a bigger grip and feels really oval. felt great!

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