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Incorporated in 2007, Bogushop has been providing quality Kendo equipment all around the world ever since.  We recognize the high cost associate with this traditional Japanese martial art and it’s our vision to provide high quality kendo equipment to all Kendoka at fraction of the cost.  There is no gimmick. Our products are of excellent quality but very affordable because we work directly with manufacturers. We are able to eliminate middle-man costs and pass on the benefits directly to our customers. We have been supplying many clubs ,associations and individuals in various countries such as France, Italy, Spain, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Argentina, United States, and Canada just to mention a few.  


Our showroom / retail

In the past we have been mainly servicing our customers through our online store, and seeing the fast growth in the Kendo community in Canada and the lacking of retail stores in Vancouver, BC, we have made a decision to open our retail store front in Richmond, BC, to better service the local Kendo clubs and Kendoka.  It is always our intention to promote Kendo as a worldwide favorite sport and we hope everybody can afford quality but inexpensive Kendo Bogu. 

Our attractive prices are not just for individual purchases.  We also offer bulk quantity and club buy discounts.  The level of discounts is depending on the quantity, and please calls us to get more information. 




Since our retail store is located in Richmond, BC which is in Pacific Northwest, we try to go to as many tournaments as we can. So you can pick up what you need there. For competitors traveling far to get to these tournaments, it is a great opportunity to pick up what you need without paying for shipping.


A little something about myself

I, for many years have been practicing with Steveston Kendo Club.  Over the years I developed a passion for this sport and the philosophy behind it.  This sport provides lifelong learning experience for Kendoka to master not only the techniques but also the virtue of it.  Personally I have an appreciation for the beauty of Kendo equipment.  The selection of material, the detailing in design and the specification of attiring make Kendo even more prestige.  This is why I want to provide the opportunity for all Kendoka to enjoy this sport at an affordable price with superb quality.



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