Welcome to bogushop.com!

Welcome to Bogushop

We have a complete line of Kendo Equipments from Bogu sets to accessories for your Kendo buying needs. It is our vision to pass on great prices to you so you can buy superior quality Kendo equipment while saving money.

We have recently just opened a new showroom/retail office in Richmond, Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), BC. Our showroom location carries full inventory of most products we sell on our online store including Bogu, Keikogi, Hakama, Shinai, Bokken, accessories and others. Book an appointment with us today at 604.303.0033 and come in to our showroom and start saving! 

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Special Products

Deluxe Keikogi and Hakama Combination Set (Power Dry Gi & #8800 Hakama)

[Orizashi / Clarino Leather] 7MM Junior Bogu Set
[Orizashi / Clarino Leather] 7MM Junior Bogu Set
You Save: $75.00
was: $390.00

Traditional Fabric Drawstring Bogu Bag
Traditional Fabric Drawstring Bogu Bag
You Save: $9.00
was: $38.00

<b>[Keichiku Bamboo]</b> Size 38M

[Orizashi / Clarino] High Quality 6MM Machine Stitched Bogu Set (In Stock)

Utility Shinai bag (Synthetic Leather or Aramid)

Supercool Jersey Gi
Supercool Jersey Gi
You Save: $18.00
was: $68.00

Premium Custom 50 Slates Imitation Bamboo Do (choose your own Mune and Do-Dai)

Small-Mid Size High Quality Nylon Bogubag (Black)